Wednesday Night Poetry Series

since 1995

Weekly Wordshop

the last two months of the year will feature workshops led by Derek & Lisa Marie at Molten Java. These workshops will be under the banner “Weekly Wordshop”.

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September 26th – Neil Silberblatt

Neil Silberblatt – Neil has been writing poetry since his college days at Cornell, inspired by a former English teacher at Stuyvesant High School (Frank McCourt).  Neil recently returned to poetry writing and a collection of his poems – entitled So Far, So Good – has been published by  Two of Neil’s poems – Stand Your Ground and After the Tempest – have been selected for the Fall 2012 issue of Verse Wisconsin, an online and print literary journal.  Neil has organized (and participated in) several local literary readings, including an Afternoon of Poetry & Jazz at the Washington Art Association this past August; an Afternoon of Poetry & Music at The Sherman Playhouse (scheduled for September 30); Voices of Poetry at the Wooster School (scheduled for November 4); and  the first “open reading” by poets and writers at Danbury Library (scheduled for October 21) entitled “From Our Hands to Your Ears.”  He is also attempting to organize other poetry events at other venues in Litchfield and northern Fairfield Counties.  Neil will soon be applying for the MFA program at New York University and Columbia University – in the hope of someday teaching others the joys (and perils) of writing.

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September 19th – “We All Have a Story” Workshop

“We All Have a Story to Tell ~ Experimenting with Voice and Viewpoints” is the title of this workshop which will be hosted and run by Faith Vicinanza at the Newtown Starbucks. more info soon

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September 5th – Labor: The Working Man

On September 5th we’ll honor the working man (and woman!) with a labor-themed open mic. Cheryl will host this event, held at Molten Java. Doors at 7:30, signup at 7:45

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August 8th – Laura Moran & Peter Sragher

Laura E. J. Moran

Tonight we welcome poets Laura Moran and Peter Sragher to Molten Java, with Lisa Marie hosting.

Laura Moran:
Laura E. J. Moran is a twenty-year veteran performance poet who has toured throughout the USA, Ireland, Canada and Mexico. Recently she was invited to attend the Resita, Romania International Gates of Poetry Festival 2012 where her poetry was translated by poet Peter Sragher. An interview with Laura by poet Jeffrey McDaniel can be found The Poetry Foundation’s “Harriet the Blog” (April 22, 2011.) Her collection of poetry Improper Joy is published with Stockport Flats Press and she has published Live Bait (2005), a CD of her poetry with her band, on Great Divide Records. She has created three one-woman poetry shows entitled Inhibition Exhibition (2006), Improper Joy Live (2008), Eden: The Dark Side of Paradise (2010) and is in the final stages of a full-length script based on the last words of the first one hundred women legally executed in colonial America. Laura works intimately with internationally renowned NACL Theatre creating roles for such productions as Hatchings (2009), Stray Dog (work in progress) and Jump the Snake, a reader’s theatre version of her novel-in-verse by the same name (2012.) She has received grants from the New York State Council on the Arts, The Center for Book Arts in NYC, and Poets and Writers. Laura is the 2011 Beverly Hiscox Scholar at Wilkes University Creative Writing Graduate Program where she earned her M.A. in 2011 and M.F.A in 2012. As Programming Director for Western Sullivan Public Library, Laura Moran is also the curator of the award-winning program First Fridays Contemporary Author’s Series also supported by Poets and Writers now in its seventh year.

Peter Sragher

Peter Sragher:
Peter Sragher was born in 1960 in Bucharest, Romania. He took his B.A. in German & English languages and literatures at the Bucharest University, 1984. He worked as a translator of scientifical texts and after 1989 as an editor at the the daily “Adevarul”. Since 1995, Peter has been a freelance writer, journalist & photographer. He has translated and published in Romania in bilingual editions the Austrian contemporary poets Bernhard Widder, Ernst David, Gerhard Kofler, Bruno Weinhals and Christian Loidl. He has published several collection of his own poems in Romania, the latest in Romanian & Spanish translation “de ce m-ai facut sarutul urii / Por que me hiciste, Dios”, 2005, a volume launched in Mexico and very recently the bilingual book ” auzi tăcerea vorbind / hear silence speaking” that appeared at Lapwing Publications in Belfast, Northern Ireland (2012). He read in the US in New York City at New York University (2005), Columbia University, the Bowery Poetry Club (2009) and The Liberty Free Theater in Liberty, New York. He also authored a black-and-white photography exhibition about the Prater & Lobau parks in 2007 in Romania titled “Lebendiges, gebrochenes, totes Holz in dem Prater und der Lobau” that was enriched by a multimedia presentation. He had several stipendiums in Austria. He is a member of the Council of the Romanian Writers’ Union and of Grazer Autorenversammlung. He is married with Cristina with whom he has a boy, David-Thomas.

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